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Wood Samples & Seating Swatches


         Wood Samples: (click each for hi-res imagery)



                    Antique White                             Cerejeira Crotch                          Dry Walnut                              Farmhouse Oak  


                  French Black Rub                      Mahogany Brown                       Pastoral Cherry                           Rustic Grey



             Honey  Oak                                 Rustic Brown                            Charleston Cherry                             Savannah


         Seating Swatches: (click each for hi-res imagery)


          Cigar Leather                            Whiskey Leather                             Linen                                  Handwoven Rush


      Hardware Details: (click for hi-res imagery)


       Hand-casted Brass Hardware


         Wood Samples: (click for hi-res imagery) 


             Walnut                   Malibu Grey   

         Seating Swatches: (click each for hi-res imagery)


                      Leather                                     Linen

        Hardware, Elements of Detail, & Structure Details: (click for hi-res imagery)


                         Brass Hardware                       Rattan Backing                     Decorative Gold Trim             Detailed Walnut Veneer Inlay


Solid Mango Wood Furniture
(Item Numbers with A-)

Wood Samples: (click for hi-res imagery)


          New Natural                               Sedona                          New Light Walnut                       Sawmill

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